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Contact Us

  • Sales
    For help opening an account or questions about our service offerings:
    Phone: 888.723.1200 - Option 2
    Email: sales@meetingbridge.com
  • Customer Service
    For help with audio issues during an active teleconference press [*0] (star-zero) to summon an operator.
    For all other questions:
    Phone: 888.723.1200 - Option 1
    Email: service@meetingbridge.com
  • Event Management
    To contact a specialist concerning an event scheduled in the Event Manager:
    Phone: 888.723.1200 - Option 4
    Email: events@meetingbridge.com
  • Billing
    For questions about an invoice:
    Phone: 888.723.1200 - Option 3
    Email: billing@meetingbridge.com
  • Technical Support
    To report technical problems with this website:
    Phone: 888.723.1200 x620
    Email: tech@meetingbridge.com
  • International Callers
    From outside the US and Canada:
    Phone: + 1 203.517.4898
     Option 1: Service
     Option 2: Sales
     Option 3: Billing
  • Corporate Mailing Address
    MeetingBridge, LLC
    705 Hunting Ridge Road
    Stamford, CT 06903
    Phone: 888.723.1200
  • General Information
    For any other question or concerns:
    Phone: 888.723.1200
    Email: info@meetingbridge.com