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The Event Manager is designed to help MeetingBridge customers promote and conduct virtual events. It is a comprehensive tool that facilitates communications with your prospects, your speakers and your attendees.

For most routine meetings, the Event Manager is not necessary. The invitation feature available on your 'My Account' page at www.meetingbridge.com (login required) is the best tool for most routine meetings with 30 or fewer invitees.

To see if Event Manager makes sense for your event, visit When to use the Event Manager or call (888) 723-1200 Option 4 to talk to a MeetingBridge Event Specialist.

For some help figuring out what to do next, check out Getting Started.

Before you start setting up your event in the Event Manager, you should consult with a MeetingBridge Event Specialist You can contact an Event Specialist at (888) 723-1200 Option 4. To prepare for the consultation, check out Consulting with an Event Specialist

If you are not yet a MeetingBridge customer, visit www.meetingbridge.com to learn more about MeetingBridge.