Distributed Agile Software Development Best Practices

Presented by GlobalLogic & Atlassian Software

No sessions of this seminar are currently scheduled. If you are interested in attending future sessions of this seminar, please contact John Hitchcock at john.hitchcock@globallogic.com

GlobalLogic and Atlassian Software, leaders in Global Product Development for software in a distributed environment, invite you to attend an informative, case study-based webcast on February 27.

You will benefit from this webinar if you are:

  • Adopting Agile methods for distributed software development
  • Facing collaboration challenges with your geographically distributed software development teams
  • Using Agile practices for co-located development, and are exploring benefits of global product development
  • Analyzing the benefits of Agile software development vs. other development methods
  • Considering partnering with an Agile software development services specialist, and want to know the difference between product development and application development specialization

Over 140 Emerging and Established technology companies have partnered with GlobalLogic to rapidly develop and release quality software products in the Mobile, Financial, Web 2.0, SaaS, Open Source and Business Intelligence domains.

During the webcast, you’ll learn about the new enablers of collaboration for Distributed Agile Development, a playbook for technology companies engaged in global software product development. Through case study examples, you’ll also learn practical tips about how distributed Agile-based methods are being employed successfully today.

As software product engineering teams are becoming increasingly distributed and the method for building great software products is rapidly changing, even the most nimble development teams must rely on integrated, on-demand collaboration among developers.

So, please join us for this free webcast!

Click here to learn more about “GlobalLogic Velocity™”, the distributed Agile method and platform used for Global Product Development.

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