TaqMan® Protein Assays: Protein Detection and Quantification using Proximity Ligation and Real-Time PCR

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TaqMan® Protein Assays is a new technology that enables quick and easy identification and relative quantification of proteins from limited quantities of cell and tissue lysates. It is an adapted form of PLA™, a proximity ligation assay technology that combines antibody–protein binding with real-time PCR-based detection of the reporter nucleic acid sequence. These assays have successfully been used for a range of small sample applications—from monitoring cellular differentiation (loss of pluripotency), to monitoring gene silencing, to screening for protein biomarkers and protein:protein interactions. Whether studying microRNA target analysis, or screening cells for low expression proteins, TaqMan® Protein Assay products provide a novel technology, enabling the highest sensitivity for quantitative protein analysis.

About the Presenters
Elana Swartzman , Ph.D.,Senior Application Scientist, Life Technologies

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