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We offer a full-turnkey, custom-branded webinar service

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Introduction and Overview. MeetingBridge offers a full-turnkey, custom-branded webinar solution.

Our webinar model is depicted in the diagram below.

  1. The event is promoted by sending invitations by email to prospective members of your audience.
  2. Interested parties click a link in the invitation to your custom branded ‘Landing Page’ where they find more information about the seminar.
  3. On the Landing Page, they choose the session that fits their schedule and complete a customized registration form. Registrants receive an email containing the instructions for joining the webinar.
  4. On the day of the event, participants use their telephone for the audio portion and their PC for the visual portion of the presentation.
  5. After the event, the attendee list is sent for further follow-up.

Promotion. Events are generally promoted by sending invitations by emails to prospective members of your audience to entice participants to attend your webinar. In addition to the date and time, an effective invitation includes a personalized salutation, summary session information, host information, and opt-out links. We can help you load your address list to our email engine, create a branded invitation email with the features noted above, send test emails for review, send the final email after approval, and properly handle the opt out requests.

Landing Page. The Landing Page generally provides additional information about the webinar and provides a direct link to the registration process. The Landing Page also answers the question “What will I learn from this seminar?” Generally, it includes the title and a description of the seminar as well as the date and time of the sessions. Sometimes it contains a picture and bio of the speakers and the cost of the session, if any. With our event management tools you can easily produce a customized landing page integrated with your registration process and branded with your logo and styles.

Registration Page. The Registration Page is used to gather selected participant information and confirm enrollment in the session. The participant’s name and email address are mandatory fields. With our tools you can easily custom design your registration form to also include: job title, phone number, fax number, company name, postal address and comment field. These fields may be included as optional or mandatory fields.

You may elect to charge for the seminar. In this case, you enter the price you wish to charge for the session and credit card data fields are automatically inserted on the registration form. Upon registration, we will validate and charge the registrant’s credit card for the price you select. After the event, we will send you a check for the net proceeds.

Once you have selected the information fields, the registration page is automatically setup and linked to the Landing Page, you are now ready to enroll prospects in your sessions.

Confirmation Page. Upon completing the registration form, registrants receive a custom branded Confirmation Page . The Confirmation Page contains the time and date of the seminar, conferencing instructions, and a link to perform a system compatibility test. Your branding is maintained on all of the various pages your audience sees.

Email Reminders. Shortly after registration, registrants receive an email containing the information in the confirmation form. Also, one day before the event, a reminder email is automatically sent.

Event Day. With our web conferencing service, it is very easy to show PowerPoint presentations, share desktop applications, pass control, co-browse, text message, and conduct polls interactively with your audience. Our integrated toll free teleconferencing service provides the audio portion of your meeting. Our operators are knowledgeable in our web product and are ready to provide instant assistance to anyone on the call.

On event day, participants simply click on the link in the email to join the visual portion of the seminar and dial the toll free number to join the audio portion.

Prior to the start of the session, our meeting specialist joins you and your speakers in a sub-conference to review our final checklist to ensure a smooth professional session. Our specialist will continue to monitor your session and provide assistance as needed. The audience listens to music on hold (or a custom message) until the session starts. At the designated time our operators stop the music, mute the audience lines and introduces the first speaker. Our professional operators are also standing by to help as needed during the session.

Online reports and Follow up. We provide online real time reporting of the registrations. The online reports are downloadable to an Excel spreadsheet. After the session, you will also receive an email report of the actual attendees.

Playback. You can have your event recorded and available for later Playback. Try clicking the Playback link above. Online reporting is also available for people viewing your Playback.

About the Presenters
George Green
George Green, President, ABC Industries, Inc.

This is an example of a biography you might want to include for your speakers. It is easy to do. You simply summarize in a few sentences why your speaker is an expert on the topic. A photo is a nice touch. You can always add this later.

Speakers bio’s are saved, so you are ready for your next webinar.

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