How To Develop Virtual Reality Applications in zSpace

Part I

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The zSpace virtual-holographic platform provides a new opportunity for virtual reality applications to engage users in a way not possible in traditional 2D environments.

This webinar series consists of two parts;

- An overview and concepts needed to start building applications in zSpace
- A guided tutorial on using the zSpace Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable features

Topics covered in this first webinar will include quad buffer stereo, head and stylus tracking, moving between coordinate spaces, and application steps for enabling features in zSpace.

After participating in these two webinars, developers will have all the tools they need to build or port applications in zSpace.

About the Presenters
Doug Twilleager
Doug Twilleager, Chief Technology Officer of Software , zSpace, Inc.

Doug Twilleager is Chief Technology Officer of Software at zSpace, Inc. Doug has been building graphics software for 23 years. The majority of that time was spent at Sun Microsystems where he worked on graphics hardware simulators, graphics microcode, OpenGL drivers, as well as higher level software. He was a co-inventor of Java 3D and created the rendering and processing engine for Project Wonderland. He holds a number of graphics hardware and software patents. During his time at Sun, he also managed a game technologies group, an advanced graphics and imaging group, as well as a mobile applications group. His research interests include advanced real-time rendering techniques and programmable shading.

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