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QC for Ion Ampliseq™ experiments and How to properly analyze data from Ion Torrent™ sequencers

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Ion Academy is a regular event where Life Technologies’ support team provides Ion Torrent™ users with timely product updates, best practices, tips & tricks, links to useful resources and more. Users will have the option to ask questions during the session, each of which will be recorded and indexed for later review or to share with other users.

Why should I register?

These events are aimed at users of the Ion Torrent™ technology, whether they are new to NGS or familiar with other platforms. The event is suitable for scientists and lab technicians performing Ion Torrent™ sequencing experiments.


Xavier Cristina, Ph.D. Market Development Manager, Sequencing, EMEA

20 min Best Practices on Ion Torrent™ workflow: QC for Ion Ampliseq™ experiments
Thierry Scarcez, Ph.D. Application Technical Specialist, Ion Torrent, EMEA

  • How QC fits in the analysis workflow
    • Starting Material
    • Library Construction
    • Template Prep
    • Sequence and Run Evaluation
  • Close examination Run Report on the new Torrent Suite™ 4.0
    • Looking back to the QC steps to improve your results

30 min How to properly analyze data from Ion Torrent™ sequencers
Xose Fernandez, Ph.D. Bioinformatics Technical Specialist, Ion Torrent, EMEA

  • What is new on Torrent Suite™ 4.0 (available Oct 2013)
  • The Torrent Server Data Analysis Flow
    • How to use the File Exporter Plugin
  • Improvements on Variant Caller
    • Better user interface and functionality
    • Parameter optimization
    • New Algorithms for better results and faster runtimes
  • Ion Reporter™ 4.0, free of charge data analysis suite
    • Analysis expanded to SNPs, CNVs and Metagenomics
    • Design to Sequence to Report, streamlined analysis of Ion AmpliSeq™ experiments

*Ion Reporter™ is a hosted solution that is free of charge up to 100 Gbyte of storage for a period of 3 months (access at For larger storage contact your sales representatives for other options. Non cloud-based solution, Ion Reporter® Server, offers the same functionality with expanded storage capacity with data analysis in your lab.

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