Archive Recording--Module Seven: Environmental Emergencies/Toxicological Emergencies/Substance Abuse Emergencies

2.0 Contact Hours

Recorded Session
Duration: 2 Hours
Fee: $50.00 (USD)

Environmental Emergencies—Topics include:
· Heat- and cold-related injuries
· Animal related injuries
· Diving injuries
· Thermal, chemical and electrical burns

Toxicological Emergencies—Topics include:
· Sympathomimetic overdoses
· Cholinergic and anticholinergic overdoses
· Sedative/hypnotic overdoses
· Opioid overdoses
· Medicinal overdoses
· Non-Medicinal overdoses
· Heavy metal overdoses

Substance Abuse Emergencies—Topics include:
· Hallucinogens
· Sympathomimetics
· Inhalants
· Alcohol

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